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Benefits to a Water Workout

Take a peek at WebMD's article about the benefits of working out in water. They compare a swimming workout to a water aerobics class. Someone should tell them about Aquabike, which is not mentioned in the article, but certainly rivals -- and excels -- the benefits of a water aerobics class. Not to mention that… Continue reading Benefits to a Water Workout

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New Spin on Exercise

Thumbs up for aqua cycling in this short Houston Chronicle review about a Houston-based aqua cycling class. If you want to know what a class is like, this is a good first-hand account. However, the Houston class seems to only be in 4-feet of water. Most of Aquabike's sessions are deeper, which makes for an… Continue reading New Spin on Exercise

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Aquabike Detox

Aquabike has many fitness and health benefits, but one that gets overshadowed by the weight loss advantages is how it improves circulation. shares the good news is a fact-filled article. The good news: every Aquabike class is not only working your body, but detoxing your upper and lower limbs.  "The Benefits of Aqua Cycling… Continue reading Aquabike Detox

Fitness Trend, how to exercise right, weight loss

Aquabike to Aqua-desk!

You heard it here first! Aqua-desk is a thing! I just invented it! I have to admit that Aquabike inspired me to find even more biking time, which led to my invention. You've probably heard about walking desks, that allow you to walk on a very slow moving treadmill while you work at your computer.… Continue reading Aquabike to Aqua-desk!

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A Fitness Plan You Need to Try

Checkout Shape magazine's interesting and informative article on aqua cycling, and why it's a new trend that everyone should try. However, they warn that most people won't be able to find a class, as it's mostly in big cities. LUCKY FOR US -- Las Vegas has Aquabike and delivers on this amazing fitness trend with… Continue reading A Fitness Plan You Need to Try

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Is Aquabike a Medical Device?

It might sound strange, but Aquabike has strong claims to being a fantastic tool to get in shape. Thanks to a study done at the University of Urbino, Italy, which is known for it's teaching and research, Aquabike can be considered a medical device. The study conducted by A. Federici and S. Casadei scientifically proved… Continue reading Is Aquabike a Medical Device?

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How I Lost 10+ Pounds with Aquabike

Almost three years to today's date, I found myself weighing in at 164 lbs. Not good, right? It certainly wasn't a good weight for me. The heaviest I'd ever been was 174 lbs. when I was pregnant -- just before giving birth! My body feels better when I'm closer to 150 lbs. All my clothes… Continue reading How I Lost 10+ Pounds with Aquabike

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Aquabike: 1 Solution for 3 Problems!

It's not every day that you can find a workout routine that helps with the three biggest issues that face women as they age. We're talking about: Weight Gain Cellulite No Pain After Exercising Aquabike's 45-minute class is full of cardio exercise that builds muscles and burns calories. HOWEVER, those 45-minutes are also low-impact like… Continue reading Aquabike: 1 Solution for 3 Problems!