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Water Exercise Benefits

Great Daily Mail article about all the popular water exercises in the United Kingdom, along with a detailed explanation of WHY WATER EXERCISING is better than working out the traditional way --- with the full force of gravity. Check out the low impact benefits of a water workout, because you can get all those benefits… Continue reading Water Exercise Benefits

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Pedal Harder?

Stumbled across this interesting article from 2013 about an alternative to taking a spin class -- an aqua cycle class in New York City. While the NYC class is not affiliated with Aquabike, and is a little different than our classes, it is still interesting to read the writer's first-hand perspective. The New York Times… Continue reading Pedal Harder?

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New Favorite Workout

Check out this article for a firsthand account of an Aquabike-type of class in New York City. It's set up a little differently than a Las Vegas class but explains how cycling in water is a great workout. "I Went to an Underwater Cycling Class. Here's Why It's About to be Your New Favorite Workout"… Continue reading New Favorite Workout

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Aquabike & Las Vegas

A tourist sparked Aquabike’s move to the United States! While staying at the luxury Radisson hotel in Tahiti, an American woman stumbled upon our Aquabike class at an outdoor pool. It overlooked the azure tranquility of Matavi Bay in French Polynesia. The sparkling oasis caught her attention and she had to take a class. After… Continue reading Aquabike & Las Vegas

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High-Impact vs. Low-Impact

At Aquabike, you'll hear us talk a lot about high-impact workouts versus low-impact workouts. High-impact exercises mean both of your feet are off the ground at the same time, and with low-impact at least one foot is still on the ground. Just so we're all on the same page, let's break it down by different… Continue reading High-Impact vs. Low-Impact

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No Pain, Still Gain

You've heard that saying, "No pain, no gain." Maybe that's true when you workout in a gym, but not with Aquabike because it's the smart way to exercise. Why is Aquabike the Smart Way to Exercise? Aquabike is low-impact, which means our high-energy classes burn calories and give you the kind of workout that's important… Continue reading No Pain, Still Gain