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The Year of the Aquabike!

We wish you well, as the New Year dawns! And remind you that there is no better way to take charge of 2019 than to feel better about your body and overall health! So, with that in mind, we are declaring this new year as the Year of Aquabike!  Why? Well, Aquabike is... The best… Continue reading The Year of the Aquabike!

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The Aquabike Advantage

5 ADVANTAGES OF TAKING AN AQUABIKE CLASS: Aquabike energizes your whole body! Every 45-minute class will wake up your muscles and leave you feeling invigorated. Aquabike reduces the signs of cellulite! By using the pool's water, every class massages your legs and breaks down those nasty dimples. A low-impact exercise in a high-intensity workout! The water's… Continue reading The Aquabike Advantage

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Video: Aqua Cycling in Action

Want to see what it looks to be on an Aquabike? Check out this video (1:55 minutes). While it's from a sister business in NYC, it shows aqua cycling in action and talks about some of the many benefits! And while our classes aren't in salt water, you get the exact same massage benefits to… Continue reading Video: Aqua Cycling in Action

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Joint Pain Relief

Are you dealing with joint pain? If so, Aquabike is a great way to protect your joints and still exercise your body---which is an important ingredient to be pain free. Check out the article below form Gaiam to see all the ways to reduce joint pain. Although, we like #6, especially where it says: 'However… Continue reading Joint Pain Relief

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Beat Aging with Exercise

The bad news: After age 30, you are already losing muscle tone. The good news: Exercise slows muscle loss, at any age! "Up to a quarter of adults over the age of 60 and half of those over 80 have thinner arms and legs than they did in their youth." Let's focus on the good… Continue reading Beat Aging with Exercise

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Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!

A national survey revealed that roughly one-third of adults report having joint pain, according to WebMD. The main problem spots are the knees, shoulders, and hips.  Aquabike is low-impact. Read more about joint pain HERE, from WebMD. While they suggest ways to medicate the pain away, we'd like to offer you a way to heal… Continue reading Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!