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Make Time for Good Habits

Found a helpful article about how to make time to get your body in shape! Our favorite is making a date with Aquabike! Find your favorite or try ours! 10 Ways to Finally Make Fitness a Habit by K. Aleisha Fetters from U.S. News & World Reports   Image licensed through iStock and creator marekullasz.

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How You’ll Feel After Aquabike

Exercise isn't always a good thing. Sure, it gets you in shape and keeps you in shape, but it can lead to aches and pains in the days after a good workout. However, that's not something you have to worry about with Aquabike. How you'll feel after an Aquabike workout is one of the best… Continue reading How You’ll Feel After Aquabike

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Age 40 and Feeling Broke?

We mean your body! If you've reached your 40's and your body feels like it's already in its 70's, then we have a way for you to reclaim your body and feel better -- Aquabike. Now, we know that's a big claim, but we have a track record of making it happen for women all… Continue reading Age 40 and Feeling Broke?

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Revolutionary Workout from Europe

What do the Europeans know that we don't?  For years, Europeans have been into a trending form of exercise. It's hugely popular and as big as Zumba or any other fitness craze--except, it didn't rise to popularity because it's a fad. It rose in popularity because of its medical benefits--and it is super fun to… Continue reading Revolutionary Workout from Europe

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Turn Back Time

Who doesn't want to stop the clock and stop aging? Or better yet, find the Fountain of Youth and finally get that perfect body?! We can't fault anyone for wishing, but we do know that dreaming takes action to become reality, so the big question is... Are you ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN? Turning back… Continue reading Turn Back Time

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Don’t Make This Mistake

We want everyone to try a class and see how Aquabike is the real deal! It's a low-impact, yet high-energy workout that won't make your body ache with pain the next day. That means it won't destroy your New Year Resolution plans to get in shape. Your body will get a solid workout and be… Continue reading Don’t Make This Mistake

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Resolutions & Aquabike

With the New Year comes resolutions to get in shape. They are usually followed by broken promises with nothing to show for our good intentions. It's such a common practice, we joke about it. But hold off on the jokes--2019 is going to be different! Psst! AQUABIKE is your secret weapon to keep your New… Continue reading Resolutions & Aquabike

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Skip the Gym

We want you to work out, but we want you to work out smarter. And frankly, working out in a gym can hurt your body! According to the Independent, the most common gym injury is due to the treadmill. So, that statistic would also apply to your home gym--that is--if you aren't using your treadmill… Continue reading Skip the Gym