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Feel Great with Aquabike

Working out and getting in shape can come with good days and tough ones. Right? We've certainly been conditioned to think that most of those days will be pretty rough. Aquabike would like to change your mind! When you go into any kind of exercise plan thinking you have to get through a majority of tough… Continue reading Feel Great with Aquabike

get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact

Workout Motivation

Need a little extra something to get yourself going today? Watch Rudy the Bulldog! He'll get you motivated. Grumpy Bulldog's Obstacle Run Will Motivate You Today & Forever by John Lim at MashableSE Asia Of course, there's always the FUN WAY to get motivated... ...  try an Aquabike class! Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator… Continue reading Workout Motivation

Fitness Trend, get in shape, weight loss

Exercise Resolution a Bust?

As we head into February, it's time to check-in on your Fitness New Year's Resolution. Is it looking good or a bust? If you are still on track, we applaud you! If last month has thrown some obstacles in your way, making it harder to stick to your workout plans, don't give up! It's not… Continue reading Exercise Resolution a Bust?