Aquabike vs Pilates

Why is Pilates better than Aquabike?

Pilates was created by a Physical Therapist to assist athletes in their road to recovery and a path back to the sports world. Focused on muscle, bone alignment and core strengthening. Pilates is an amazing workout. It has, at its core, a lot of strengthening exercises and routines. Its focus is on the core muscles.

With Pilates you do not burn a whole lot of calories as the focus is on muscle strengthening and alignment. With plenty of variations on leg lifts, squats, crunches and planks it is a full body muscle training workout. 

WHY IS Pilates better than Aquabike? This is honestly not a fair question. They’re totally different in their approach to fitness and muscle training. Aquabike, honestly, has an advantage over Pilates. This is because it is over 50 years newer. Also, created by a physical therapist to assist in the rehabilitation of the body after surgeries or injuries that make it hard to workout.

Thanks to the buoyancy of the water athletes can train harder without further injuring their bodies. With Aquabike you have the water assisting in the recovery process. With the assistance of the waters resistance, the massaging from the water, and buoyancy it is a far better solution to building muscle strength without adding to injury. Plus, it is a full body workout, with the ability to burn up to 600 calories or more depending on your fitness level. 

Aquabike tones your muscles, supports your joints allowing for a safe recovery while you continue to build strength and our instructors focus on a full body workout. It is not just a cellulite killer and leg exercise routine. There is so much more. 

To be honest, Pilates and Aquabike can compliment one another for anyone in recovery who wants to get back on the athletic field. No matter what that might look like for you. Be it, pro athlete, cyclist, getting back in shape, back to hiking and jogging, or something that is just flat out fun to feel healthy and be a whole, happier, better person.

Alternating between the two is definitely a guaranteed way to get back into shape and staying there.

Please, stay connected with us to continue to learn more on the benefits of Aquabike and how the water is not only beneficial, but just feels great and the classes are straight up fun. Come on out to one of our locations and try a class for yourself and feel how amazing it truly is.

~George Bonilla; Aquabike Fitness Coach Trainer

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