Aquabike vs Zumba

Why is Zumba better than Aquabike?

Zumba is a dance oriented aerobics class utilizing Latin dance moves. It is a medium to high impact aerobics cardio class and can be a lot of fun thanks to the Latin music. One of the newer aerobics classes offered that started in the early 2000’s as another way to dance your way into shape. With its high cardio most people burn anywhere from 300 to 900 calories per class. Depending on their fitness level and participation.

This type of high impact Cardio exercise is usually recommended for the younger crowd. People who have a strong cardiovascular system. Not recommended for people over 40 and with joint issues. As there are a lot of hip swaying and movements focused on and around the knees, legs, and ankles. With it’s amazing Latin Based moves like Cha Cha, Merengue, Salsa, and Reggaeton you can easily increase your heartrate for a dance filled high cardio workout.

WHY IS Zumba better than Aquabike? Well, you’re dancing. Who doesn’t love to dance? But, to be fair Aquabike is a high Cardio Class that is LOW IMPACT and designed for EVERYONE. This is Aquabike’ focus, is to be fun, exciting and safe for all.

Thanks to the waters added resistance and buoyancy you not only get an easier faster heart rate increase but you also get the messaging power of the water to assist in contouring the body. Reduce pain during and after each workout along with less impact on the joints. The buoyancy also allows you to workout and do more than you would be able to do without the water with the natural state of gravity on your body. For people with joint issues, arthritis, sciatica, and even after surgery (With physicians approval) you can get back into shape and have that fun Cardio exercise, get back to and even improve your flexibility and natural ability to exercise.

Yes, we are not jumping around to Latin music and swaying our hip side to side, but we are having loads of fun with amazing music; created just for Aquabike, burning up to 600 calories (Based on your participation and fitness level) all while being safe to your knees, ankles and joints with the benefit of being a low-impact workout. There’s just so many benefits to working out in the water. I really need to write an article just on the benefits of water aerobics and Aquabike.

Aquabike is a fast paced, high cardio, low impact class geared at being a full body workout that is safe for everyone to enjoy.

Please, stay connected with us to continue to learn more on the benefits of Aquabike and how the water is not only beneficial, but just feels great and the classes are straight up fun. Come on out to one of our locations and try a class for yourself and feel how amazing it truly is.

~George Bonilla; Aquabike Fitness Coach Trainer

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