About George

George Bonilla – Aquabike Spokesperson, Fitness Coach, Lectin Free and Ketogenic Nutritionist.

Hello Everyone, I am George J. Bonilla. I have been in the Fitness Industry since 1998 when I got my first job out of High School as a Personal Trainer for Bally’s Total Fitness. I have been in the Fitness Industry ever since. I have done Hip Hop Dance, Choreography, Aerobics Classes, and Fitness Studying under Fitness Guru’s like Madonna Grimes, KC Lee, and Lisa Tagaloa amongst many others as well. I Love to help others and it is my life’s goal to continue to help people be healthy and live longer lives through better lifestyles and through Aquabike Fitness. Truly the BEST Full Body Workout Available Today!


Aquabike Fitness

I have been with Aquabike since 2015 and have learned what makes Aquabike so unique, not only in aerobics or spinning but ultimately in the entirety of the Fitness Industry. Not only is it fun and easy, but it is challenging and truly the best way to tone muscle, burn loads of calories and build a strong Cardiovascular system.

Aerobics Instructor

I have been a dancer all my life. I actually started teaching aerobics in a backwards kind of way. By starting to teach Dance classes. Through being a dancer and Choreographer I ran into the one person who really changed my life. Madonna Grimes. I got my Hip Hop Choreographers Certification through her and I learned that dance is a great way to get in and stay in shape. From there I got my Aerobics Certifications through LA Fitness back in 2001 and the rest is History

Personal Trainer

I started my fitness career as a Personal Trainer with Bally’s Total Fitness back in the Summer 1998. I learned the importance to eating healthy and proper form while exercising. Not only the way you exercise and eat but also the habit to do it regularly.


The one thing that goes hand in hand with regular exercise is a good eating habit. Nothing you do in exercise will mean anything if you do not put good things in. It is like they say, You might have a Ferrari but you’re not going to put Vegetable oil in your Ferrari if you want it to run smoothly. Same goes with the Human Body. You gotta put in good fuel if you want it to run efficiently and smooth. This is why I have chosen to specialize in Lectin Free and Ketogenics. There is so much bad information out there about proper eating habits when it can be so simple. Bottom Line is reduce wheat, corn and soy intake and increase your vegetable intake for a healthy smooth running machine…..I mean body.

Let’s Fight Cellulite Together With Aquabike. The Smart Way to Stay Fit!