About Me

Hi, I’m Ann Audree, and I write the Aquabike Blog. Being a part of the Aquabike team came about organically because I LOVE Aquabike!

My cousin found Aquabike and roped me into going to a class with her. I had no idea what to expect. If the workout turned out to be too hard, I was afraid I’d hurt myself, because I had not worked out in a while. If the class was too easy, I was afraid I’d be bored and find myself in the middle of a dated water aerobics class. However, I didn’t need to worry. The workout was high energy and our instructor, Sam, made it fun. The routine was timed to upbeat music. I loved all the songs. They helped keep me going throughout the whole class.

We pedaled on the bikes, sometimes standing to pedal, then sitting back down to work our arms. It was continuous, with constant pedaling for the 45-minute class. But the time flew by! It was so much fun! I did push myself a little harder than normal, but I felt fine the next day. (My knees did not hurt!) And I signed up to take a class every week! I’ve been going weekly for 3 years now and I still love it! It’s been the main thing that helped me get back in shape and stay in shape, once I hit my 40s and started to gain weight in my core.

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Writing the Aquabike blog is a great fit for me because I’m a professional writer with a cozy mystery series called FIT GIRLS — so, my love of writing, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and Aquabike was a natural fit. You will see this AMAZING way to workout in my novels! It’s mentioned in Book 1 “Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder,” but will be featured in Book 2 “Fit Girls: Dieting is Murder,” which I’m writing now. The Fit Girl Mystery series are short reads, meaning they are complete mysteries but told in 9 chapters. They are fun, fast, mysterious books! 

I’m especially excited to share my Aquabike passion with you, about this new way to workout!