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What is Cellulite?

One of the top reasons women workout is to reduce the signs of cellulite. But that doesn't mean they really understand cellulite. We want to change that! Below are the TOP 5 QUESTIONS (with answers) we hear all the time about cellulite. What is cellulite? Cellulite is pockets of fat just below the skin that… Continue reading What is Cellulite?

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The Unique Aquabike Bike!

The Aquabike bike is unique, and something we developed, building on what came before to make a better bike that is easy for all fitness levels to use! The key is the Aquabike Bike is its peddles! The peddles are made with four Tension pads that add drag and resistance for a great workout, but… Continue reading The Unique Aquabike Bike!

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Water Exercise For All!

As the political season kicks-off, we've found something everyone can vote for---Water Exercise!  Okay, it won't be on your ballot in November, but Water Exercise is an amazing tool when it comes to getting in shape and staying in shape. The Mayo Clinic even touts the benefits, stating, "Water offers natural resistance, which can help… Continue reading Water Exercise For All!

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Can You Work Out with No Pain?

Building muscle requires resistance. Too much -- like when you lift weights or use a weight machine at a gym -- your muscles feel it the next day. It hurts. So, how can you get in shape and not go through all the pain? AQUABIKE!  We know that's our answer for most exercise options, but… Continue reading Can You Work Out with No Pain?

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Easy-Peasy Way to Exercise

Can you ride a bike? Aquabike is even EASIER than riding a bike because you only have to know how to pedal a bike. Since the bike is in a pool, you don't need to know how to steer or balance on a bike. Anyone can do it! You just have to reach the pedals. … Continue reading Easy-Peasy Way to Exercise

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Top 5 Reasons to Try Aquabike

Need a good reason to try Aquabike? We'll give you 5... because that's how we pedal. Weight Loss -- burns up to 800 calories in one class! Improved Blood Circulation that is a source of energy! Low-impact on Body & Joints, so it's perfect for getting back into shape! Overall Body Workout -- not just… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Try Aquabike

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Aquabike Testimonial

Hear it directly from one of our Aquabike regulars, Michelle, who first came to Aquabike to get back in shape after an injury.  Watch Michelle's short interview about why she loves Aquabike! Great idea, Michelle, to use Aquabike to get moving after an injury!  Aquabike was first invented to help athletes recuperate after injury. It's… Continue reading Aquabike Testimonial