Get in Shape with No Pain

No pain, no gain? Well… no more! It’s not a joke. You can get in shape without suffering from aching muscles. We’re talking about the aches and pains that make you never want to exercise again.
The answer is Aquabike. It’s like a spin class in a pool, but a spin class everyone can do—without the pain. The water is a natural cushion. It protects your joints and muscles. And it doesn’t matter if you workout regularly or are just getting back into shape.
Aquabike is for all fitness levels—even people rehabbing a part of their body—because everyone pedals at their own pace. Sure, you’ll get out of the pool and know you exercised, in a good way. But you’ll feel fine the next day, which means you’ll want to keep exercising. Which means you’ll get in shape.
To see Aquabike in action checkout a video by CLICKING HERE
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