What Europeans Know About Exercise That You Don’t

Europeans know how to have fun when they exercise! 
Aquabike is a fitness trend in Europe. It draws huge classes, because it’s a high-energy, low impact way to get in shape. Originally created for rehab patients, Aquabike cushions every workout making it an exercise anyone can do. 
The music and the fun atmosphere make it an exercise party. Almost. You are getting a great workout in a group setting, as everyone is cycling on a bike in four feet of water. This makes for the low impact exercise—which isn’t something you can usually say about cycling or aerobics.
Being in the water also keeps you from overheating during a workout—as you pedal to music. A high-energy instructor guides the group through a variety of easy to follow exercises and pedaling. 
See what Europeans know about Aquabike by watching this video about AQUABIKE & NUTRITION.

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