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Pain & Gain?

Old Way of Thinking: Exercising has to be painful to get in shape. New Way of Thinking: Exercising has to be fun to get in shape! Which way of thinking works for you?  When it comes to getting in shape, PAIN should not be part of your exercise plan. Instead, replace that old idea with… Continue reading Pain & Gain?

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Exercise Resolution a Bust?

As we head into February, it's time to check-in on your Fitness New Year's Resolution. Is it looking good or a bust? If you are still on track, we applaud you! If last month has thrown some obstacles in your way, making it harder to stick to your workout plans, don't give up! It's not… Continue reading Exercise Resolution a Bust?

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Don’t Make This Mistake

We want everyone to try a class and see how Aquabike is the real deal! It's a low-impact, yet high-energy workout that won't make your body ache with pain the next day. That means it won't destroy your New Year Resolution plans to get in shape. Your body will get a solid workout and be… Continue reading Don’t Make This Mistake