Fat Buster

Extra weight getting you down? Here are 5 Fat Burning Tips to get you feeling better!

Tip #1: Cut Back on Sugar. Sadly, it tastes amazing, but sugar is not our friend. One way to instantly cut back on sugar is to stop drinking juices and soda. Water is best!

Tip #2 & #3: Eat More Protein & Less Carbs! Our bellies like protein, because it tends to boost metabolism while it reduces cravings! When it comes to carbs, however, they quickly turn into sugar and we already know that’s something we should limit in our diet.

Tip #4: Get Fiber! Not all fiber is the right kind of fiber. You need soluble fiber in your diet, which means eating more veggies, fruits, beans and whole oats.

Tip #5: Exercise Weekly! Of course, we have a good idea how you can fit this tip into your life! Join an Aquabike class today and see that it’s FUN to exercise with us!

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