Magic Workout Word

Want a Magic Word that helps with your weekly workout plan?


What is your intention? Are you still focused on a New Year’s Resolution? Maybe you don’t care about yearly goals, but you’re always working on how you feel, whether that’s about what you eat or how you exercise. Or maybe exercise is a bad word and you don’t know where to start. We know where to start!

Intention means that you don’t leave things to chance. You start with what’s right in your face. You start with how you feel and you pick one thing to do to make it better. Humans are actually geared that way. If something is right in front of us that needs doing–like getting out of a burning building–we do it! Time to think of your body like a burning building!

What’s the first thing you need to do to feel better? That should become your intention!

If you are still at a loss of where to start, we recommend taking an Aquabike class! (Big surprise.) However, it’s a good place to start because we make working out fun, and any exercise you do in the water is easy on your joints! It’s a great way to get started feeling better, especially if you don’t already workout regularly. Check out a class today!

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