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The Aquabike Lifestyle

What's your lifestyle? We don't always think about our lifestyle. It's usually just a routine we fall into or a dream we aspire to create in our day-to-day world. However, leaving your 'lifestyle' to chance means you might not end up living the life you are meant to live.  What kind of lifestyle could you… Continue reading The Aquabike Lifestyle

how to exercise right, cellulite, get in shape

Easy Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is something many of us have to deal with during our lifetime. That's due to our muscles losing nutrients, oxygen, and tone as we age, which is why those little dimples appear. One main trouble spot: the leg, especially our thighs. They begin to look like the skin of an orange.  One easy solution is Aquabike!  Forget… Continue reading Easy Cellulite Treatment

get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact, weight loss

Resistance Levels with Aquabike

Aquabike is an equal-opportunity workout machine! When you join an Aquabike class it is full of all fitness levels. You don't need to go to a beginners class, because the pace of the class is the same for everyone. It's a fun, high-energy experience with beginners and advanced cyclists. This is possible due to the… Continue reading Resistance Levels with Aquabike

cellulite, Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact

Aquabike vs Aqua Aerobics

What is the difference between Aquabike and an aqua aerobics class?  We get this question a lot, so we wanted to answer it once and for all because there is a big difference between an Aquabike class and an aqua aerobics class.  An Aquabike class is for anyone that wants to get in shape without… Continue reading Aquabike vs Aqua Aerobics

Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right

Burn Fat with Aquabike

We all want to burn fat. But that comes with risks. If you go to a gym to burn fat, you can also hurt your joints and add extra stress to your body. However, Aquabike is about burning fat in a fun, 45-minute long class that cushions your joints but still gives your body a… Continue reading Burn Fat with Aquabike

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High Impact Workouts After 65 Years

The effects of a high-impact exercise have pros and cons. Check them out in this article by a spine doctor. "How Does High-Intensity Workouts Affect the Body" by Dr. Michael Gleiber, MD, PA At Aquabike, we like a workout that is easy on the joints. While a high-impact workout has short-term benefits, the long-term ones… Continue reading High Impact Workouts After 65 Years

cellulite, Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact, weight loss

Feel Great with Aquabike

Working out and getting in shape can come with good days and tough ones. Right? We've certainly been conditioned to think that most of those days will be pretty rough. Aquabike would like to change your mind! When you go into any kind of exercise plan thinking you have to get through a majority of tough… Continue reading Feel Great with Aquabike

get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact

Workout Motivation

Need a little extra something to get yourself going today? Watch Rudy the Bulldog! He'll get you motivated. Grumpy Bulldog's Obstacle Run Will Motivate You Today & Forever by John Lim at MashableSE Asia Of course, there's always the FUN WAY to get motivated... ...  try an Aquabike class! Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator… Continue reading Workout Motivation

get in shape, how to exercise right, joint pain, low-impact

How You’ll Feel After Aquabike

Exercise isn't always a good thing. Sure, it gets you in shape and keeps you in shape, but it can lead to aches and pains in the days after a good workout. However, that's not something you have to worry about with Aquabike. How you'll feel after an Aquabike workout is one of the best… Continue reading How You’ll Feel After Aquabike

Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact, no-impact

Age 40 and Feeling Broke?

We mean your body! If you've reached your 40's and your body feels like it's already in its 70's, then we have a way for you to reclaim your body and feel better -- Aquabike. Now, we know that's a big claim, but we have a track record of making it happen for women all… Continue reading Age 40 and Feeling Broke?