All or Nothing!

The holidays can wreak havoc on our exercise plans. When that happens, and you have an “All or Nothing” approach to working out, your exercise plan gets jettisoned with the fruitcake.

Don’t let that happen to you!

All or Nothing is a terrible way to think about your workout plan. Getting in shape and staying in shape has to flow with the ups and downs of everyday life. If you can’t exercise one day, make a date to do it tomorrow. The trick is to be flexible (pun intended) and reschedule your week like it’s a real life version of Tetris. When exercising doesn’t fit in one spot, make a little room for it a bit later in your schedule.

Most of all, give yourself a break!

The holidays are stressful enough, without the added recriminations when we ditch our workout plans. Just take a minute to figure out an alternative that doesn’t skip something good for you. If you give yourself that time, it will help with holiday stress. Plus, the more you workout, the more you can treat yourself to Holiday treats!

Make a date to workout and keep that date. Heck, bring along a friend and combine a couple of things you need to do. (Exercise and wish someone Happy Holidays!)

We want to help! Schedule a class right now! It’s 45 minutes of healthy fun and a full-body workout that will improve your holiday spirit! (Didn’t you know… our instructors are BFFs with Santa’s elves.)

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