The Holiday Do Not Eat List

Eating right during the holidays can be hard. Everything looks yummy! Below is a short list of foods you should skip, so the holidays are festive but still good to your waistline.

  • Dark Meat Turkey with Skin – it’s super high in calories and twice as much fat as white meat.
  • Canned Gravy – as with most packaged food, canned gravy is full of salt. All that extra sodium is bad for you on many levels, but it will add to water retention and weight gain.
  • Canned Cranberry sauce – also comes with packaged food no-no’s like high fructose corn syrup. It triggers fat storage.
  • Green Bean Casserole – also falls under the packaged food classification, as most are made with canned beans and canned mushroom soup is also a main ingredient of the dish. Together, they add tons of salt and fat to your holiday plate.
  • Eggnog – is a holiday staple, but if you’ve ever seen a recipe to make it from scratch, you’ll know it’s full of sugar and fat.

Seems like everything you’ll be served during the holidays is bad for you to eat, especially when you take into account all the dishes that include carbs, like scalloped potatoes and dressing. Sorry to say, most holiday eating traditions are not healthy. But don’t give up! Let’s talk about moderation. A little bit of something unhealthy is better than a plate full. Keep control of your serving sizes, focus on the healthiest dishes and you’ll be making smart choices.

If you happen to be in charge of any of these holiday dinners, choose to make some of the side dishes from scratch. Fresh ingredients can really improve the overall healthiness of most dishes.

The best plan of all is to keep exercising during the holidays. When you burn calories in a workout, it counters the extra calories you get during the season’s traditional meals.

Schedule an Aquabike class now to maintain that healthy balance!

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