Summer Body?

Is it too early to think about getting your body in shape for summer?

No way!

It’s never too early to think about getting in shape, especially after coming off of the holidays. All that celebrating leaves everyone with an extra pound or two. If we don’t work to lose that extra weight it will be with us forever. Scary thought, but it’s sadly true.

When we let that extra pound a year linger, it adds up over time. It’s much easier to deal with that extra pound today, than let it build to ten pounds or more.

Wherever you find yourself with extra weight, NOW is always the time to start working on it. Not only will you benefit from feeling better physically, but it will lift your spirits and make a positive impact on your whole life! So why wouldn’t you want to get started right away?

Okay, okay! We know the things that stand in your way of getting in shape or starting any kind of regular exercise plan. It’s the 3 Hurdles that consistently block our workout success:

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Motivation

Time and motivation usually go hand-in-hand. We all live busy lives and our ability to interrupt those responsibilities requires some MAJOR MOTIVATION, like a health scare or a high school reunion or a wedding when we want to look our very best.

However, there is something more powerful than those kinds of motivations. We’re talking about MAKING a DECISION to feel better, before you are forced to take action. You just have to DECIDE that now is the time. You can actually do that. Just decide! Instead of unconsciously making a decision not to get in shape.

When it comes to cost, Aquabike has you covered! And we can also help with the motivation part, because each of our classes comes with a fun, enthusiastic trainer who will motivate you through every class–and inspire you to come again!

Don’t exercise alone. Get in shape with Aquabike and see why it’s the Smart Way to Workout! Book a class today!

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