Fitness Trends

Checkout the fitness trends expected to make a splash in 2020! We searched the internet so you don’t have to, and found the Top 3 Fitness Trends you should be hearing a lot about this year.

  • Nature Walks – Whether a strenuous hike or just a stroll around the park, getting out in nature is about to experience a comeback. Why? Because it’s good for your body and your mind!
  • Dancing – From going out to hosting a ‘living room dance party,’ dancing is going to make exercise fun again! It’s inexpensive and a fun way to do cardio.
  • Aquabike – Popular in Europe, Aquabike is taking a foothold in America and is a trend worthy of testing out because it’s a spin class in a pool that’s easy on your joints!

Trainers predict that all the fitness trends this year are as much about the mental benefits as the physical ones. We can certainly see what they mean, as one trend — working out in groups — made several lists. Having a few friends, or twenty, join you for a workout is definitely motivating!

Did we mention that every Aquabike class is full of some great people that are very friendly? Come and join a class and see for yourself! FIND AN AQUABIKE CLASS!

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