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Aqua Cycling #1 Fitness Trend

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Aqua Spinning is the #1 Fitness Trend that will 'get you jazzed' about getting in shape. While the article accurately states that participants can 'burn more calories effectively,' it seems to think that the only US-based classes are in New York City.  Las Vegas, Nevada currently offers… Continue reading Aqua Cycling #1 Fitness Trend

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Pippa Middleton on Aqua Cycling!

In 2014, Pippa Middleton wrote a short article in The Telegraph about testing out a UK version of Aquabike, called HydroFit. She wanted to try it out to tone her legs to fit into a new pair of tight leather pants.  While HydroFit is a personal unit with water jets, like a little Jacuzzi tub… Continue reading Pippa Middleton on Aqua Cycling!

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The Aquabike Lifestyle

What's your lifestyle? We don't always think about our lifestyle. It's usually just a routine we fall into or a dream we aspire to create in our day-to-day world. However, leaving your 'lifestyle' to chance means you might not end up living the life you are meant to live.  What kind of lifestyle could you… Continue reading The Aquabike Lifestyle

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No Pain, Still Gain

You've heard that saying, "No pain, no gain." Maybe that's true when you workout in a gym, but not with Aquabike because it's the smart way to exercise. Why is Aquabike the Smart Way to Exercise? Aquabike is low-impact, which means our high-energy classes burn calories and give you the kind of workout that's important… Continue reading No Pain, Still Gain

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New Spin on Exercise

Thumbs up for aqua cycling in this short Houston Chronicle review about a Houston-based aqua cycling class. If you want to know what a class is like, this is a good first-hand account. However, the Houston class seems to only be in 4-feet of water. Most of Aquabike's sessions are deeper, which makes for an… Continue reading New Spin on Exercise

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A Fitness Plan You Need to Try

Checkout Shape magazine's interesting and informative article on aqua cycling, and why it's a new trend that everyone should try. However, they warn that most people won't be able to find a class, as it's mostly in big cities. LUCKY FOR US -- Las Vegas has Aquabike and delivers on this amazing fitness trend with… Continue reading A Fitness Plan You Need to Try