Pippa Middleton on Aqua Cycling!

In 2014, Pippa Middleton wrote a short article in The Telegraph about testing out a UK version of Aquabike, called HydroFit. She wanted to try it out to tone her legs to fit into a new pair of tight leather pants. 

While HydroFit is a personal unit with water jets, like a little Jacuzzi tub with a bike inside, it lacks the fun, energy, and motivation of a group class, like Aquabike; but it does offer the same kind of exercise and rehabilitation benefits.

Here’s what Pippa wrote about aqua cycling benefits:

As I got into it I found myself hitting a furious pace, causing water to slosh over the sides of the pod. But the hydro-bikes are in fact suitable for all physical abilities, as the cushioning effect of the water means less impact on feet and knees than you get in normal spinning classes. Indeed, early versions of these machines were designed specifically for post-injury rehabilitation.

Hydro-bikes, just like Aquabike, originated in France. They were first created for professional athletes as a way to overcome injury. 

Post workout, Pippa wrote:

My legs, usually heavy from spending most of the day under a desk, were tingling as the blood pumped through them and felt slightly wobbly but also wonderfully energised as if I’d flushed out all toxins.

And did Pippa end up fitting into her tight leather pants? She definitely felt like she was on her way, with a few more aqua cycling classes!

If you’d like to try out the US version of hydro-bikes, and see what Pippa Middleton and everyone in Europe is raving about, join an Aquabike class today!


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