No Pain, Still Gain

You’ve heard that saying, “No pain, no gain.” Maybe that’s true when you workout in a gym, but not with Aquabike because it’s the smart way to exercise.

Why is Aquabike the Smart Way to Exercise?

Aquabike is low-impact, which means our high-energy classes burn calories and give you the kind of workout that’s important for a healthy lifestyle. Even better, the water cushions your workout and protects your body from the dreaded day-after pain. That’s why you will gain—as in all the benefits of a cardio workout—but no pain.

Of course, being able to work out without pain doesn’t mean you get to skip the exercise. If you want a healthier body, working out regularly is a MUST. And we can help with that… JOIN an AQUABIKE CLASS!

Aquabike is the smarter way to work out because you won’t hurt the next day—like a high-impact gym workout. That’s the old way of thinking: killing yourself to get in shape. It’s also the old way to exercise. Try a new way—Aquabike!


Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator silviarita.

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