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Revolutionary Workout from Europe

What do the Europeans know that we don't?  For years, Europeans have been into a trending form of exercise. It's hugely popular and as big as Zumba or any other fitness craze--except, it didn't rise to popularity because it's a fad. It rose in popularity because of its medical benefits--and it is super fun to… Continue reading Revolutionary Workout from Europe

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New Favorite Workout

Check out this article for a firsthand account of an Aquabike-type of class in New York City. It's set up a little differently than a Las Vegas class but explains how cycling in water is a great workout. "I Went to an Underwater Cycling Class. Here's Why It's About to be Your New Favorite Workout"… Continue reading New Favorite Workout

how to exercise right, low-impact

No Pain, Still Gain

You've heard that saying, "No pain, no gain." Maybe that's true when you workout in a gym, but not with Aquabike because it's the smart way to exercise. Why is Aquabike the Smart Way to Exercise? Aquabike is low-impact, which means our high-energy classes burn calories and give you the kind of workout that's important… Continue reading No Pain, Still Gain

Fitness Trend, how to exercise right

New Spin on Exercise

Thumbs up for aqua cycling in this short Houston Chronicle review about a Houston-based aqua cycling class. If you want to know what a class is like, this is a good first-hand account. However, the Houston class seems to only be in 4-feet of water. Most of Aquabike's sessions are deeper, which makes for an… Continue reading New Spin on Exercise

Fitness Trend, how to exercise right

A Fitness Plan You Need to Try

Checkout Shape magazine's interesting and informative article on aqua cycling, and why it's a new trend that everyone should try. However, they warn that most people won't be able to find a class, as it's mostly in big cities. LUCKY FOR US -- Las Vegas has Aquabike and delivers on this amazing fitness trend with… Continue reading A Fitness Plan You Need to Try