Revolutionary Workout from Europe

What do the Europeans know that we don’t? 

For years, Europeans have been into a trending form of exercise. It’s hugely popular and as big as Zumba or any other fitness craze–except, it didn’t rise to popularity because it’s a fad. It rose in popularity because of its medical benefits–and it is super fun to be in a class!

Called aqua cycling, the benefits of pedaling a bike in 4-feet of water is revolutionary! Not only do you get an amazing cardiovascular workout, but it’s low-impact. The same exercise on land would take a toll on your body over the years, not so with cycling in a pool. Plus, the motion of pedaling in water massages your legs. It cushions your joints, making it practically no-impact. The water also works on the fat in your thighs and does something quite remarkable–it reduces signs of cellulite!!!

It’s long since time that the United States finds out about this revolutionary way to exercise. Sadly, it can’t be found in many cities. We are trying to change that, but for those in the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada areas, we have good news: you can get all the benefits of aqua cycle in an Aquabike class! We’ve brought Europe to you!

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