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I Want to Try Aquabike, but…

Excuses can get in the way of getting in shape, so we'll be tackling the biggest ones---with solutions about how to get past them and get in shape! I want to try Aquabike, but... I don't want to be seen in a bathing suit! We understand, however... ... most people wear something more fitting for… Continue reading I Want to Try Aquabike, but…

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Can You Work Out with No Pain?

Building muscle requires resistance. Too much -- like when you lift weights or use a weight machine at a gym -- your muscles feel it the next day. It hurts. So, how can you get in shape and not go through all the pain? AQUABIKE!  We know that's our answer for most exercise options, but… Continue reading Can You Work Out with No Pain?

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Easy-Peasy Way to Exercise

Can you ride a bike? Aquabike is even EASIER than riding a bike because you only have to know how to pedal a bike. Since the bike is in a pool, you don't need to know how to steer or balance on a bike. Anyone can do it! You just have to reach the pedals. … Continue reading Easy-Peasy Way to Exercise

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High-intensity, Low-impact

True or False: Can you get a high-intensity workout with a low-impact exercise? TRUE! But we only know of one way: Aquabike! Let's break this down. A high-intensity workout is like jogging or working out in a gym for an hour. Your muscles feel the strain and it can easily turn into pain for days… Continue reading High-intensity, Low-impact

Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact, no-impact

Age 40 and Feeling Broke?

We mean your body! If you've reached your 40's and your body feels like it's already in its 70's, then we have a way for you to reclaim your body and feel better -- Aquabike. Now, we know that's a big claim, but we have a track record of making it happen for women all… Continue reading Age 40 and Feeling Broke?

Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact, no-impact

Revolutionary Workout from Europe

What do the Europeans know that we don't?  For years, Europeans have been into a trending form of exercise. It's hugely popular and as big as Zumba or any other fitness craze--except, it didn't rise to popularity because it's a fad. It rose in popularity because of its medical benefits--and it is super fun to… Continue reading Revolutionary Workout from Europe

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Video: Aqua Cycling in Action

Want to see what it looks to be on an Aquabike? Check out this video (1:55 minutes). While it's from a sister business in NYC, it shows aqua cycling in action and talks about some of the many benefits! And while our classes aren't in salt water, you get the exact same massage benefits to… Continue reading Video: Aqua Cycling in Action

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Joint Pain Relief

Are you dealing with joint pain? If so, Aquabike is a great way to protect your joints and still exercise your body---which is an important ingredient to be pain free. Check out the article below form Gaiam to see all the ways to reduce joint pain. Although, we like #6, especially where it says: 'However… Continue reading Joint Pain Relief

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High-Impact vs. Low-Impact

At Aquabike, you'll hear us talk a lot about high-impact workouts versus low-impact workouts. High-impact exercises mean both of your feet are off the ground at the same time, and with low-impact at least one foot is still on the ground. Just so we're all on the same page, let's break it down by different… Continue reading High-Impact vs. Low-Impact