Can You Work Out with No Pain?

Building muscle requires resistance. Too much — like when you lift weights or use a weight machine at a gym — your muscles feel it the next day. It hurts. So, how can you get in shape and not go through all the pain?


We know that’s our answer for most exercise options, but in this case, it should be EVERYONE’s answer. Why? Because Aquabike uses water resistance to tone your muscle. The water is the key! It not only keeps you cool while you work out — not that you won’t sweat — but it will also protect your joints and muscles from gravity. That makes for happy joints and lean muscles. You will get a full-body workout, but one that won’t make your muscles hurt the next day. Aquabike is so gentle on your body you can do it every day. You can’t say that about a gym workout!

Join a class today!

Image licensed thru iStock/Birdland

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