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Can You Work Out with No Pain?

Building muscle requires resistance. Too much -- like when you lift weights or use a weight machine at a gym -- your muscles feel it the next day. It hurts. So, how can you get in shape and not go through all the pain? AQUABIKE!  We know that's our answer for most exercise options, but… Continue reading Can You Work Out with No Pain?

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High-intensity, Low-impact

True or False: Can you get a high-intensity workout with a low-impact exercise? TRUE! But we only know of one way: Aquabike! Let's break this down. A high-intensity workout is like jogging or working out in a gym for an hour. Your muscles feel the strain and it can easily turn into pain for days… Continue reading High-intensity, Low-impact

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Aquabike is Kind to Joints

How are your joints? Do they take a beating when you exercise? As we age, our joints tend to age faster than other parts of our body. Several factors contribute to this but when you combine them with exercise and normal, daily abuse, it can be hard to move without pain. That usually means that… Continue reading Aquabike is Kind to Joints

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High Impact Workouts After 65 Years

The effects of a high-impact exercise have pros and cons. Check them out in this article by a spine doctor. "How Does High-Intensity Workouts Affect the Body" by Dr. Michael Gleiber, MD, PA At Aquabike, we like a workout that is easy on the joints. While a high-impact workout has short-term benefits, the long-term ones… Continue reading High Impact Workouts After 65 Years

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Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!

A national survey revealed that roughly one-third of adults report having joint pain, according to WebMD. The main problem spots are the knees, shoulders, and hips.  Aquabike is low-impact. Read more about joint pain HERE, from WebMD. While they suggest ways to medicate the pain away, we'd like to offer you a way to heal… Continue reading Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!

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Water Exercise Benefits

Great Daily Mail article about all the popular water exercises in the United Kingdom, along with a detailed explanation of WHY WATER EXERCISING is better than working out the traditional way --- with the full force of gravity. Check out the low impact benefits of a water workout, because you can get all those benefits… Continue reading Water Exercise Benefits

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Pedal Harder?

Stumbled across this interesting article from 2013 about an alternative to taking a spin class -- an aqua cycle class in New York City. While the NYC class is not affiliated with Aquabike, and is a little different than our classes, it is still interesting to read the writer's first-hand perspective. The New York Times… Continue reading Pedal Harder?

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High-Impact vs. Low-Impact

At Aquabike, you'll hear us talk a lot about high-impact workouts versus low-impact workouts. High-impact exercises mean both of your feet are off the ground at the same time, and with low-impact at least one foot is still on the ground. Just so we're all on the same page, let's break it down by different… Continue reading High-Impact vs. Low-Impact