High Impact Workouts After 65 Years

The effects of a high-impact exercise have pros and cons. Check them out in this article by a spine doctor.

How Does High-Intensity Workouts Affect the Body” by Dr. Michael Gleiber, MD, PA

At Aquabike, we like a workout that is easy on the joints. While a high-impact workout has short-term benefits, the long-term ones on your body can be horrific! As detailed in the article, a high-impact workout is especially stressful for anyone with pre-existing issues or spine and joint problems. However, Aquabike is the exact opposite.

Aquabike allows people with pre-existing issues to get in shape. The water cushions the body making the workout easy on your spine and joints.

Want to see for yourself? Join an Aquabike class today!

Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator Pexels.

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