Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!

A national survey revealed that roughly one-third of adults report having joint pain, according to WebMD. The main problem spots are the knees, shoulders, and hips. 

Aquabike is low-impact.

Read more about joint pain HERE, from WebMD. While they suggest ways to medicate the pain away, we’d like to offer you a way to heal yourself through the low-impact exercise of Aquabike. It’s a spin class in a pool, so it’s a good workout, but it also protects your joints, knees, hips and back as you work out. The water cushions your body, adding a bouncy to your workout that exercises your body without taking a toll. You don’t hurt the next day like a regular gym workout, either, yet you’ll get a high-energy workout.

No other way to exercise can make the same claims as Aquabike. Join a class today and see for yourself. Your joints will thank you!

Image from iStock and creator Ridofranz.

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