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5 Ways Aquabike is the Best

We want to make this simple for you, so below are the 5 WAYS that Aquabike is the Best Way to Get in Shape!  Low-Impact - the water cushions your body, so you can get in shape without damaging your joints, knees or any of those areas that keep you from doing a gym workout.… Continue reading 5 Ways Aquabike is the Best

burn calories, Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, joint pain, weight loss

Will I Ever Get in Shape?

Trying to lose a few pounds--or more than a few--can seem like a goal that never ends. If this is where you're at right now, then we want to help! Don't Go It Alone! Why do you think athletes have coaches, and usually teams, to help them excel? Because any level of fitness is hard… Continue reading Will I Ever Get in Shape?

burn calories, cellulite, Fitness Trend, get in shape, how to exercise right, low-impact

How is Aquabike Unique?

Aquabike is unique because it delivers a fun, low-impact workout that rivals the kind of exercise you get in a gym---WITHOUT the pain! Which means... it is a serious, life-changing workout plan that many people can attempt and reap the benefits. From beginners to advanced, for rehabilitation or exercise variety, Aquabike does not discriminate. Its… Continue reading How is Aquabike Unique?

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10 Years of Experience

Aquabike Fitness is run by a team with over 10 years of experience bringing water cycling to clients! We didn't create aqua cycling, but we are the ones that perfected it, so our clients get the most out of their 45-minute Aquabike workout. Where Did Aqua Cycling Originate? Aquabiking was invented by a group of… Continue reading 10 Years of Experience

exercise and overheating, Fitness Trend, how to exercise right

Skip the Gym

We want you to work out, but we want you to work out smarter. And frankly, working out in a gym can hurt your body! According to the Independent, the most common gym injury is due to the treadmill. So, that statistic would also apply to your home gym--that is--if you aren't using your treadmill… Continue reading Skip the Gym

cellulite, exercise and overheating, Fitness Trend, how to exercise right, joint pain, low-impact

The Aquabike Advantage

5 ADVANTAGES OF TAKING AN AQUABIKE CLASS: Aquabike energizes your whole body! Every 45-minute class will wake up your muscles and leave you feeling invigorated. Aquabike reduces the signs of cellulite! By using the pool's water, every class massages your legs and breaks down those nasty dimples. A low-impact exercise in a high-intensity workout! The water's… Continue reading The Aquabike Advantage

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Beat Aging with Exercise

The bad news: After age 30, you are already losing muscle tone. The good news: Exercise slows muscle loss, at any age! "Up to a quarter of adults over the age of 60 and half of those over 80 have thinner arms and legs than they did in their youth." Let's focus on the good… Continue reading Beat Aging with Exercise

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Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!

A national survey revealed that roughly one-third of adults report having joint pain, according to WebMD. The main problem spots are the knees, shoulders, and hips.  Aquabike is low-impact. Read more about joint pain HERE, from WebMD. While they suggest ways to medicate the pain away, we'd like to offer you a way to heal… Continue reading Joint Pain, Back Pain? Aquabike!

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Pedal Harder?

Stumbled across this interesting article from 2013 about an alternative to taking a spin class -- an aqua cycle class in New York City. While the NYC class is not affiliated with Aquabike, and is a little different than our classes, it is still interesting to read the writer's first-hand perspective. The New York Times… Continue reading Pedal Harder?

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New Favorite Workout

Check out this article for a firsthand account of an Aquabike-type of class in New York City. It's set up a little differently than a Las Vegas class but explains how cycling in water is a great workout. "I Went to an Underwater Cycling Class. Here's Why It's About to be Your New Favorite Workout"… Continue reading New Favorite Workout