10 Years of Experience

Aquabike Fitness is run by a team with over 10 years of experience bringing water cycling to clients! We didn’t create aqua cycling, but we are the ones that perfected it, so our clients get the most out of their 45-minute Aquabike workout.

Where Did Aqua Cycling Originate?

Aquabiking was invented by a group of Italians in 1990, initially aimed at high-level athletes undergoing rehabilitation. In less than 5 years, Aquabike became the standard in the world of European fitness and rehabilitation. All the big gyms in Europe, as well as local swimming pools, now offer aqua cycling classes in their clubs. It has become a benchmark.

After ten years in the business, we are proud to have brought aqua cycling to the United States. At the core of our business are the Aquabikes. They have evolved over the years and undergone many improvements to be the best ones in the business! It was easy to make them better because we use them ourselves.

Aquabikes are sturdy, giving you a secure experience. You don’t have to worry about them moving around in the water. (A very common problem with most aqua cycles.) We’ve also created a bike that can adjust to accommodate beginners and advanced cyclists. It’s unique to offer one class that fits a wide range of participants, but due to our bike, anyone can take a class. Our bikes offer adjustable resistance to fit the user’s fitness level. 

Yes, we’re proud of our bikes, but that’s because we designed them and have improved them to work with our clients and make the most of every minute they spend in an Aquabike class.

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