Pain & Gain?

Old Way of Thinking: Exercising has to be painful to get in shape.

New Way of Thinking: Exercising has to be fun to get in shape!

Which way of thinking works for you? 

When it comes to getting in shape, PAIN should not be part of your exercise plan. Instead, replace that old idea with NO PAIN & STILL GAIN. Try an Aquabike class to see it in action. It is a fun way to get in shape because each class is energizing and musically motivating.

What causes that after-exercising pain? Gravity. Pressure on your joints. Overheating. 

Aquabike solves all of those issues. First off, you are exercising on a bike in a pool. Gravity is no longer an issue. It’s low-impact. The water reverses the effects of gravity and cushions your joints. No pounding or pressure is added to any part of your body while on an Aquabike. In fact, the water gently massages your leg muscles! 

Second, the water is also a key when it comes to overheating. By exercising in water it keeps your body temperature in check. You get a great workout without having to worry about a spike in your body temperature. While you will sweat, it’s nowhere near what you’d experience on dry land.

Without the pain part of getting in shape, it’s easy to see how Aquabike is more fun. However, we also add an easy to follow workout routine timed to popular music, along with an instructor who motivates and encourages you throughout the 45-minute class. It’s like a little party in the pool with a workout DJ.

So, spread the word, exercising has to be fun to get in shape!


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