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Pain & Gain?

Old Way of Thinking: Exercising has to be painful to get in shape. New Way of Thinking: Exercising has to be fun to get in shape! Which way of thinking works for you?  When it comes to getting in shape, PAIN should not be part of your exercise plan. Instead, replace that old idea with… Continue reading Pain & Gain?

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Aquabike: 1 Solution for 3 Problems!

It's not every day that you can find a workout routine that helps with the three biggest issues that face women as they age. We're talking about: Weight Gain Cellulite No Pain After Exercising Aquabike's 45-minute class is full of cardio exercise that builds muscles and burns calories. HOWEVER, those 45-minutes are also low-impact like… Continue reading Aquabike: 1 Solution for 3 Problems!

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Overheating Danger While Exercising

We sweat when we get hot. That’s how the body cools us down. But it’s a delicate balance that can get out of whack when we overheat, especially while working out. Staying hydrated is an important key, but what if there were a way to workout that also kept you cool? Aquabike is basically a… Continue reading Overheating Danger While Exercising