Overheating Danger While Exercising

We sweat when we get hot. That’s how the body cools us down. But it’s a delicate balance that can get out of whack when we overheat, especially while working out.
Staying hydrated is an important key, but what if there were a way to workout that also kept you cool?
Aquabike is basically a spin class in a pool. The water not only naturally cushions your muscles and joints during a workout, but it also keeps your body temperature lower than a workout on land. 
The Aquabike bikes are normally in water over four feet deep. When you sit on a bike, you are in water up to your waist or hips. While workouts tone arms with fun routines that engage your whole body, most of the hard work happens under the water. You pedal against the water’s resistance. You are also cooled by the water, as it massages your leg muscles and leads to a workout that doesn’t make you sore the next day. Cool, huh?
Aquabike is an overheating solution to exercise, plus it’s a socially fun way to get in shape!

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