Is Exercising Too Hard?

A random phone call interview conducted by the Center for Disease and Control revealed that roughly 20% of Americans exercise regularly. They used the U.S. Government’s standards of needing 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise a week, with some muscle training. That means 80% of Americans don’t exercise enough, if at all. (Facts were reported by CBS News.)
While the percentage is staggering, many excuses come up to answer why so many Americans aren’t taking the time to get in shape. One top reason: people are too busy, with little time to exercise between work and family obligations. However, one of the most disturbing reasons—one that is sited in several surveys—is that a majority of people find exercising too hard to attempt. 
Too hard, should not be a reason; not when there are multiple activities that make getting in shape fun, from group sports to Aquabike classes. Sure, just going to the gym to workout can sound like a chore, but combining a fun setting with an aerobic workout can create a weekly event that’s fun and addictive—in a good way!
Of course, topping our list as the Most Simple Way to Get in Shape & Have Fun is Aquabike. We can say this because it offers something other socially fun workouts don’t—it allows anyone to get started, no matter the fitness level. After all, Aquabike is as easy as riding a bike; plus it cushions unused muscles with water and allows beginners to workout at their own pace—even while they are part of a class with advanced Aquabikers. How many physically engaging activities can you say that about? 

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