Workout Myth

Some people believe that working out is good for your heart but bad for your joints. 
Truth: Exercise is good for your heart.
Myth: Exercise is bad for your joints.
Reality: Joints deteriorate naturally with age and a sedentary lifestyle.
Truth: Low-impact exercise is easier on joints, as you age. 
According to Harvard University, several studies followed participants over many years to research the affects of exercise on the body. One began in 1948 and followed up with the participants in the early 1970s. It showed that exercising benefits overall health and showed no significant connection between moderate exercise causing joint pain.
The thing is… joints deteriorate naturally with age and a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is the tool we have to fight that deterioration. Of course, that doesn’t mean some exercising isn’t harder on people that already have joint pain. However, the proper kind of exercise is needed to keep joints active and stop further deterioration. Low-impact aerobics is the solution. 
Aquabike has a built-in benefit when it comes to low-impact exercise—WATER. Cycling in water is a natural cushion to joints and muscles, making any workout easier on the body. And that’s the best part! Being able to start and maintain an exercise routine is the best way to fight joint deterioration. 

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