Why Try Low-Impact Exercise

As we age, getting in shape and staying in shape becomes a harder task, because as the saying goes, “We are only as strong as our weakest link.” Joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles—whether unused or overworked—can turn into weak links, resulting in an injury that puts your exercise plans on the bench.
Low-impact exercise limits the force your joints and ligaments endure. A workout with less stress on those critical points might sound like it won’t get you in shape. However, it does!
According to Fitday,com, “Participating in low impact fitness activities is a great way to lose weight.” They recommend swimming and biking. We recommend Aquabike because it combines both, adding to the low-impact side of the equation, but still delivering the high-energy workout needed to raise your heart rate to tone muscles and lose weight.
Note: A low-impact workout doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk for injury. However, Aquabike classes are structured to warmup your body and get it ready to exercise. 

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