Aquabike: 1 Solution for 3 Problems!

It’s not every day that you can find a workout routine that helps with the three biggest issues that face women as they age. We’re talking about:

  • Weight Gain
  • Cellulite
  • No Pain After Exercising

Aquabike’s 45-minute class is full of cardio exercise that builds muscles and burns calories. HOWEVER, those 45-minutes are also low-impact like no other workout. They also offer a unique benefit — massage therapy!

As amazing as it sounds, because Aquabike takes place in a pool, you get all the benefits of working out in water, plus all the normal weight loss you’d expect from a high energy, group exercise class.

Aquabike Attacks Cellulite!

First, the pool’s water cushions your joints. You won’t hurt the next day like most workout routines, because Aquabike exercises the right parts of your body — your muscles and lungs. It never puts stress on your joints, which accounts for that ‘next day’ pain. Two, the water also massages your thighs as you pedal the bike! It’s a natural benefit of cycling in a pool. The motion attacks cellulite! While you’re working out your body, the water is working away cellulite dimples. 

Three solutions in one kind of exercise is even more amazing, when it’s combined within a fun class full of encouragement and camaraderie! 

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