How I Lost 10+ Pounds with Aquabike

Almost three years to today’s date, I found myself weighing in at 164 lbs. Not good, right? It certainly wasn’t a good weight for me. The heaviest I’d ever been was 174 lbs. when I was pregnant — just before giving birth! My body feels better when I’m closer to 150 lbs. All my clothes fit at that weight, and I feel like myself. I wanted to feel like myself again.

Don’t get me wrong, I felt like I was doing all the right things. I had a relatively healthy lifestyle. I was active — work and family obligations kept me busy. I tried to make healthy choices when eating. I even went out walking in the mornings. Well… most mornings. Well… some mornings. Unfortunately, the weight kept creeping up on me, so I’d knuckle down, eat better and walk more.

My friends and family noticed that I looked better. I noticed that I felt better! 

My ‘healthy’ way of living only worked for so long. Especially when stress popped up. Anything good I was doing for myself would take a backseat. And if you’re like me, stress pops up a lot. I knew I had to do something different.

Thanks to my cousin Debbie coming to town, I found something VERY different when I went to an Aquabike class. The high-energy, low impact workout really is a “new way to exercise.” It allowed me to jump right in and feel better. I certainly can’t say that about any other workout I’ve tried. Best of all, I wasn’t even thinking about the extra weight I wanted to lose. I just loved going to class. Every week! 

I’m not sure if making a weekly commitment worked because I was scheduling it in advance, or that it was just fun to go. Maybe a little of both. Considering that I live on the other side of town from the Whitney Ranch Aquabike location  — and I didn’t mind making the drive every week — told me Aquabike was the perfect fit for me! (Luckily, they now have two locations, so my drive is a little bit shorter.)

Aquabike’s new way to exercise made all the difference! I lost 10 lbs. within two months! Not that I was watching the scale. In fact, I hate to weigh myself, but I noticed right away that my favorite jeans fit me again. That made it possible for me to stop wearing my baggy clothes and start wearing the part of my wardrobe that made me feel fit and attractive. That one change really made an impact on my life, as my friends and family noticed that I looked better. 

I noticed that I felt better! 

Don’t get me wrong. Aquabike isn’t some kind of miracle exercise, but it is a key factor in my success to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. So much so, that I’m still making a long drive to attend Aquabike classes once (sometimes twice) a week, three years after attending my first class! 

Aquabike started me on the right path to living a real healthy lifestyle.

This testimonial is from Ann Audree, an author and writer of this blog — because she is passionate about the healthy changes Aquabike continues to make in her life.

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