Is Aquabike a Medical Device?

It might sound strange, but Aquabike has strong claims to being a fantastic tool to get in shape. Thanks to a study done at the University of Urbino, Italy, which is known for it’s teaching and research, Aquabike can be considered a medical device.

The study conducted by A. Federici and S. Casadei scientifically proved Aquabike’s advantages. The team holds PhDs in Molecular Methods and Methods of Morphofunctional Applied Exercise, which means their work focuses on how combining water aerobics and cycling affect the human body. They presented their scientific results to the Faculty of Kinesiology at University of Urbino, with their complete analysis. What they learned:

Cycling + Water =
No pain after a workout,
with massage benefits to thighs and reduced cellulite!

That’s correct — Aquabike has been scientifically proven to fight cellulite! How’s that for a medical device? Considering that a majority of women head to gyms and fitness classes to reduce cellulite, this is good news.

The other point to get from Federici’s and Casadei’s study is how the body benefits from working out in water. Most exercise and sporting activities have an adverse effect on the body after a workout. Muscles hurt. The body aches. And that causes a majority of people to stop working out.

The opposite happens with Aquabike. It was designed to reduce the impact on the body and massage the thighs, and at the same time it offers a cardio workout that can burn up to 800 cal/hour — with no pain the next day! An Aquabike workout DOES NOT stress or irritate muscles, so clients are able and happy to return to another Aquabike class.

The research also noted a unique, massaging rehabilitation happening, due to the water; which they found worthwhile to athletes. Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, you still get the benefit. It’s the same with the overall Aquabike experience, which has been hugely popular — with expensive, booked-up classes — in Europe. However, in the United Sates, you get the same first-class workout at an affordable price. Why? Because we believe everyone should have the chance to workout smart, with Aquabike’s high-energy, yet low-impact class. Everyone deserves to workout smarter, without the pain but with all the gain of toning your body, reducing cellulite and jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle.

Consider Aquabike the newest medical device at your service!

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