Why Aquabike is a Full Body Workout?

From your head to your toes, Aquabike engages your mind with a fun, high-energy workout that targets all parts of your body. 

  • Cardio works your heart during the 45-minute class.
  • Pedaling on the bike, with adjustable resistance, works all your leg muscles while still taking it easy on your knees.
  • A variety of arm and ab exercises, that we combine with the pedaling, works out those problem areas that biking alone can’t reach.

The biggest benefit to your body, however, is how Aquabike offers a low-pact workout. No more kicking and pounding and jarring of your joints! The water naturally cushions and massages all those fragile parts of your body. Especially the areas that tend to get weaker with age, and allows you to exercise your whole body without hurting it in the process. 


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