High-intensity, Low-impact

True or False: Can you get a high-intensity workout with a low-impact exercise?

TRUE! But we only know of one way: Aquabike!

Let’s break this down. A high-intensity workout is like jogging or working out in a gym for an hour. Your muscles feel the strain and it can easily turn into pain for days after your workout. The benefits, if you can stick to the plan, are a great cardiovascular workout for your whole body. 

Compare that to a low-impact workout which usually comes in the form of water aerobics. Something that you’ll usually see a group of senior citizens doing. It’s great to keep older muscles limber, but it isn’t meant to get anyone in shape. In fact, you can still gain weight with water aerobics, but you won’t put any stress on your joints.

Clearly, finding an exercise plan that combines the two is rare. It has been done, however, with Aquabike which was developed to rehabilitate injured athletes. The creators quickly discovered that aqua-cycling also works for the general public, able to give a high-intensity, low-impact exercise to anyone. That is unique since anyone getting back into shape to anyone maintaining their fitness level benefits from an exercise that cushions joints and muscles. 

Try a class today and see for yourself!

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