I Want to Try Aquabike but…

What’s standing in your way of getting in shape?

I want to try Aquabike, but…

It’s too cold outside!

We understand, because the winter season has hit Las Vegas. We’ve started wearing coats and finally put away our summer gear. We’ve even seen some of that fluffy white stuff floating in the air–not that it really looks like snow, but technically it counted. And that means it’s pretty cold–for Vegas–however…

… you’ve got a coat, too, right? So, you can’t be worried about being cold outside of an Aquabike class. You’re concerned about it being too cold at our pools.

We can assure you that both of our Las Vegas locations make getting in the pools easy. They are kept a bit warmer during winter months, and once you get moving in an Aquabike class, your body temperature will rise. Plus, you can always wear swim shirts and/or shorts to give add a little more insulation.

The most important thing: don’t let something so easy to overcome, sideline your goal of getting in shape and being healthy. Working out regularly is an important part of feeling good and fighting holiday weight gain. We know Aquabike will get you moving in all the right ways! And we’re sure that you’ll be able to dress the part to make coming and going from class nice and cozy!

Test your ability to stay warm and keep fit! Sign up for an Aquabike class now!

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