Dig Deep!

The above picture should give you some idea of how deep we want you to dig! Really, really deep!

Of course, we’re not talking about digging in dirt. We want you to dig deep in your life to make time to workout. We want you to put yourself first! Here’s the plan:

  • Make a date to workout.
  • Schedule an Aquabike class.
  • Put the date in your calendar.
  • Keep your date like you would an Eye Exam.
  • Make another date for a second class in the following week!

It’s not hard to do all of the above. We know you can do it, but it means you have to put yourself first. That can be the hardest thing! We totally understand. Life is busy and a lot of people count on you. The one person in your life who won’t object, if you put them last, is you.

Little secret: Putting yourself last will catch up to you.

Another secret: You deserve better!

Here’s the thing you should keep in mind… when you don’t feel good, no one in your life is getting all of your attention. It lets them down and heaps even more stress onto your shoulders. Working out a little every week is a great way to do something healthy for yourself, and ease some of that stress. And when you feel better, everyone around you will benefit.

How about trying to set aside time for a 45-minute Aquabike class? All we’re asking for is a 45-minute workout, once a week. See what that can do for your body! And if you haven’t exercised in a while, you should really start with Aquabike. Our classes are in a pool, so the water cushions your muscles and joints and is a smart way to get back in shape.

When you dig deep and take a little time for yourself, it’s a very good thing!

Schedule a class TODAY!

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