Lose Those Love Handles!

Not sure why they call them “love handles.” There’s certainly nothing to love about the extra weight that collects around our hips and waist. So, let’s get rid of that. You in?

Gaining weight in our core area–the abs and stomach–is some of the hardest weight to fight, but some of the most important. Weight in the mid-section of our bodies leads to a lot of health issues. Keeping it in check and working on it as soon as we notice it is key to our overall health and fitness.

An overall cardio workout helps, but if you can combine that with an ab workout, you’ll get a head start to getting your core in shape and keeping it in shape. But, if you haven’t worked out in awhile, or if life makes your exercise plan sporadic, you’ll want to ease into a workout so you don’t get injured. That would only make the whole situation worse, delaying getting in shape even longer.

Gym workouts are great places to get an injury, if you don’t work with a trainer and build up your muscles before you do something strenuous–which is pretty easy to do in a gym. That’s why we don’t recommend gym workouts for everyone.

At Aquabike, we’re all about getting you in shape the smart way, without injury, even if you haven’t seen your workout clothes in months! We can get you right into one of our classes and feeling the benefits of moving your body, and you don’t have to hold back on how you exercise at Aquabike. Why?

Because we’re a spin class in the pool!

The water cushions your body, giving your muscles and joints extra protection as they workout! It protects you against injury, keeps your body from overheating and eases you into getting in shape without even having to think about it! Aquabike is the Smart Way to Workout!

Join a class today and test it out for yourself!

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