How is Aquabike Unique?

Aquabike is unique because it delivers a fun, low-impact workout that rivals the kind of exercise you get in a gym—WITHOUT the pain! Which means… it is a serious, life-changing workout plan that many people can attempt and reap the benefits.

From beginners to advanced, for rehabilitation or exercise variety, Aquabike does not discriminate. Its 45-minute workout delivers cardio, works all the major muscle groups and manages to massage the legs and reduce cellulite in the process. That’s pretty unique!

And for anyone that worries about injury when working out or overheating… every Aquabike class is in a pool. The water cushions your body, protects your joints and keeps you cool during a workout. AND it still gives you an exercise class that can burn up to 800 calories!

Try an energizing class today and see for yourself!

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