5 Ways Aquabike is the Best

We want to make this simple for you, so below are the 5 WAYS that Aquabike is the Best Way to Get in Shape! 

  1. Low-Impact – the water cushions your body, so you can get in shape without damaging your joints, knees or any of those areas that keep you from doing a gym workout.
  2. Burns Cellulite – right in your thighs where you need it the most!
  3. Burns Calories – every 45-minute class burns up to 800 calories!
  4. Trainer that Motivates You – you’ll never workout alone again!
  5. Fun Workout – timed to music, each class will feel like a dance class in a pool.

Sure, some other exercise plans can do some of the above, but not all of them. If you’re going to work out, why get less of a workout? Join a class today!

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