The Fountain of Youth

Looking for the Fountain of Youth?

History has sunken the famed fountain in myth and folklore. Maybe it was always a bit of fiction to entice explorers on new expeditions… or to fund their pockets for the trips!

Either way, the real truth has never been that far out of reach, which is why many hopefuls have overlooked the 3 Keys to Drinking From the Fountain of Youth–metaphorically, that is. It doesn’t take an adventure or a magic elixir. It takes something far harder to find–a balance in our lives between these 3 Empowering Elements:

  • Love/Passion
  • Health
  • Work/Learning/Activity

Perhaps finding a magic fountain sounds easier, because finding a balance between the 3 above areas is no small fete. However, it is possible. It takes awareness of real goals, not wishing for a magic fountain, and working at those goals a little every day/week/month.

Maybe the answer is too simple to take seriously, or maybe life has a way of getting in the way so we look for that new something–a fad or a pill that will wash away what’s wrong and replace it with good health and happiness.

What we’ve seen at Aquabike is that taking daily and weekly steps to a balanced life is a lot easier when you schedule it into your life, and go on the journey with a motivating Champion–like our instructors–and a crew of other fast-friends that are walking the same path–like the other amazing people in every Aquabike class.

You don’t have to do this alone which makes success possible! Take your first step today and see how you can balance Love, Health and Activity in your life!

Photo licensed from iStock/Credit:Axis_arw

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