Aquabike is Kind to Joints

How are your joints? Do they take a beating when you exercise?

As we age, our joints tend to age faster than other parts of our body. Several factors contribute to this but when you combine them with exercise and normal, daily abuse, it can be hard to move without pain. That usually means that we give up on the exercise. Don’t. Without exercise, the deterioration can be even faster. The trick is finding a way to work out that is kind to your joints and allows you to benefit from regular workout routines!

Aquabike is kind to your joints! Wish we could say the same for other kinds of exercise, but Aquabike is the only exercise plan we know of that can give you a high intensity, calorie-burning, cellulite-busting workout AND protect your joints. Thanks to a pool full of water, Aquabike cushions your joints at the most crucial moment — when gravity and exertion intensify and harm joints. The water counteracts gravity as it massages your legs and acts as a protective cushion to your weary joints, so the workout focuses on your muscles.

Join a class and see if your joints thank you!

Image courtesy of Pixabay and creator Taokinesis.

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